The Coup Kids

by The Coup Kids

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The Coup Kids originally started with guitarist Coup Eric and myself (Goose). We began recording together in 2009 and one song made it onto my “A Dorm is Not a Home” album. From there Coup Eric and I messed around with recording for a few years.

In the summer of 2011, we recorded our first project together as The Coup Kids, “Six Strings & a Mic EP.” That was a compilation of my old songs recorded over his guitar tracks, which was supposed to be a warm up to The Coup Kids debut LP. Since then Coup Eric has written many guitar tracks, many of which ended up on the album (“Coup!” “So Far Away” “Futility” “Somewhere Better” and “Placebo”), but we never actually sat down and fleshed these songs out until April of 2013 after we added close friend/bass player/apartment leaser Tyler Wise. So this was both the longest and shortest I’ve ever taken to make an album.

This album started to become more of a focused effort after Coup Eric sent me two guitar tracks that he named “The Combine” and “Shower Room Control Panel.” He had written these guitar pieces after reading Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” We framed this record around that novel/movie, and many of our songs revolve around isolation, solitude, mental health, and trying to break free from those dark places.

In a more literal sense, this album is about me leaving my hometown after feeling trapped and alone for several months, and leaving for Chicago. I wanted this album to be less personal than my previous album “When One Door Closes…” so I tried to pull themes and inspiration from various works of literature and film, so it’s not all about me. (But it still ended up being all about me because I’m a narcissistic asshole.)

Musically this album is unlike anything I’ve ever done. My writing/rapping is similar to my previous work, but it’s hard to classify this album as a hip hop record. I’m hesitant to describe our music as Rap Rock because that often gives people images of Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit and all those other music atrocities that happened in the early 2000s. I would say our stuff is sort of close to recent Atmosphere albums and Sage Francis’ “Li(f)e” album, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate. Our sound is pretty raw and unrefined, in part due to artistic choice, but mostly because we were working with limited resources and time. Since we only had a few months to work with, these sessions were pretty stressful at times, but recording music with two of my best friends before I moved away will probably be one of the best memories I will ever have.

Stay Coup,


released August 6, 2013

The Coup Kids are:
Goose – Raps
Coup Eric – Guitar
Tyler Wise – Bass

Additional musicians:
Chelsi Faine – Vocals
Ryan Stone – Drum programming
Hallie Zimmerman – Keys
Aaron Rider – Drums

All tracks produced and mixed by The Coup Kids, unless otherwise noted.

Album artwork: Alvin Muniz

1. Coup!
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone

2. The Combine
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone
Additional Vocals: Chelsi Faine

3. Placebo (ft. Chelsi Faine)
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Vocals: Chelsi Faine

4. Brothers of the Brush
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone

5. Drunk, Crazy & Heavily Armed
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Goose

6. The Stoop
Lyrics: Goose
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drums: Aaron Rider

7. Wake
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone
Features audio clip from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

8. Yellow Car
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone
Additional Vocals: Chelsi Faine

9. So Far Away (ft. Chelsi Faine)
Lyrics: Goose & Coup Eric
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Keys: Hallie Zimmerman
Drum Programming: Goose
Vocals: Chelsi Faine

10. Futility (Part 1)
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Keys: Hallie Zimmerman
Drum Programming: Goose

11. Take This Waltz (Part 2)
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Keys: Hallie Zimmerman
Drum Programming: Goose

12. Shower Room Control Panel
Produced By: Ryan Stone
Additional Production: The Coup Kids
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Ryan Stone

13. Somewhere Better (ft. Chelsi Faine)
Lyrics: Goose
Guitars: Coup Eric
Bass: Tyler Wise
Drum Programming: Goose
Vocals: Chelsi Faine



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Track Name: Coup!
[Verse 1]
1,1,1 1-2
Always stay coup, whenever I come through
Write like sun tzu, stay tight like nuns do
Insight a fight on a night that’s comfortable

Change ya point of view to something new, so what ya wanna do
Too many rappers singing, too many singers rapping
Ante up or cash in, my goons in the back and
ready to attack them Can’t get any traction,

Your asscrack backwards, backpack rappers
Chillie con queso, show me the pesos
Or go another way ho, fake money, play dough
You want a change of pace slow, get what you pay fo’

Uh, so go ahead and tell me what I cook like
Raekwon the chef, given you the crooked eye
Looking like the type, that would run a hooker dry
Must’ve mistook the guy as someone who took ya life

[Verse 2]
Hol up, never trust the government
You hear ‘em talking bout the coup kids on some other shit
I run this bitch, all I need is an axe and a drum kit
You dumb shit, we on top like Donald Trump’s wig

Getting so much money, think I’m Donald Trump’s kid
The Woody Allen of this rap shit, all I got are classics
I put you on blast, like Fox News fascist
You bastard, try some new tactics

I’m sort of like, smoking while pumping gas
Blow up in your face, like what the fuck was that
Mustard gas, along with a couple blasts
Running fast, now you got a troubled past

One time, can we talk our shit
Three Ohio kids, trying to carve our niche
Who cares if it’s good, as long we make it loud
Coup Kids, rule shit, watch us make it out
Track Name: The Combine
[Verse 1]
I’ve been counting sheep, you been counting toes
Counting fingers, to see if it’s all there I suppose
Go figure, cold winters, on nights I froze
I pull the covers over me, hoping these

Shadows at the end of my bed would just leave me alone
I sleep in my clothes, been walking in my sleep
Something bothersome creeps, and is following me
I should call the police, they say it’s just in my dreams

But I’m like one more restless night from being Tyler Durden
Schizophrenic since you’ve left, feel like a different person
Laws of inertia, change causes exertion
Which is something that I just can’t handle since the desertion

And then it hit me, something like a Mack truck
Been down for so long I forgot how to get back up
So I’ll just stay down, keep it at bay
Get on my knees and pray, eventually this’ll all go away

Lost my hair when I lost my job
Lost my sight when I lost my wife
Lost my memory and lost my mind
Lost all control, to The Combine

[Verse 2]
I’m sick, fucking doctor don’t have a cure yet
And they wonder why The Coup Kids ain’t been on tour yet
Bad kid bad student, bad at being prudent
So they only reason I’m here is cuz I’ve been fucking stupid

So I’m kinda clueless, how this is supposed to play out
I’m seeing all my friends, and they found a way out
Not sure what to say now, cuz we speak rarely
And when we do talk, they say I’m talking scary

Precocious but unfocused, it’s hopeless
So it goes, cynical as Vonnegut prose
Which is apropos, I suppose, but who knows
It’s allaimless and I’m talking in rounds

I walk without a sound, I hear barking hounds
But they’re tied to a chain-link fence, discontent
And they’ll give up eventually, after a couple of attempts
I’ll just keep walking, holding myself in contempt

[Verse 3]
I’ve been counting sheep, I’ve been counting days
It’s hard to keep track, trapped in a daze
Trapped in this place, anywhere’s better than this
I ball up a fist, against a wall it hits

I’ve talking some shit, just waiting to come to
The comforts of some old memories is where I run to
I’m still obsessively wondering if you’ve been missin me
And I’m still searching for company for my misery

Got my back against the wall, and I’m out of options
And night I’m going crazy thinking big brother is watching
Cuz all I do is clock out and clock in, like Sisyphus
How sick is this? Got me pint up in this ward, ridiculous

Mis-chi-vus, our mind’s playing tricks on us
A gamble to make it out, ain’t a sound bet
A lunatic on the grass, but we ain’t touch the ground yet
If there is a great gig in the sky, consider this the sound check
Track Name: Placebo (feat. Chelsi Faine)
[Verse 1]
Can we take it back to way we used to be?
A couple of names and faces that keep on eluding me
This is all new to me, your questions harpooning me
Buffoonery, pardon, can you pause and excuse me

Before you start accusing me, this ain’t what I’d choose to be
Wrote it on a loose sheet, let’s turn over a new leaf
You can keep texting and calling, darling but you can’t get through to me
Sit on this couch and nod my head til I’m excused to leave

No imagination cuz I can’t picture my future, these
Clouds are getting dark, and it’s time to depart
Lost in my mind, walls to climb but I ain’t Peter Park
Before I retreat and depart, I don’t need to talk

Just let me get to stepping, my midsection beating hard
Then I can’t see it’s dark, trip over my feet and fall
Until I heed the call, I will always be dissolved
Like antacid tablets that I don’t need at all

I know, nothing’s what it seems and
Give me, something to believe in
I hope, that we can break even
Am I hooked, or am I just dreaming

I know, nothing’s what it seems and
Give me, something to believe in
I hope, that we can break even
Once I’m hooked, you’re all I’m ever needing

[Verse 2]
If self-preservation is the first law of nature
Then it’s a sad day, when I have to say see ya later
You told me patience, and I kept waiting and waiting
Still feeling unfulfilled, spent my entire life vacant

Twisting off the white top, like one day I might stop
Exceeding recommended doses, to drown my neurosis
I kind of chose this, potent comatose-ness
Everyone I ever spoke with, try to get me open

How quickly I lose focus, how quick it turns hopeless
Beyond-repair broken, and a part of you knows this
And that’s what makes me attractive clientele
Cuz I’m the perfect type of bastard to make your life a living hell

Don’t lie to me, hiding from me what’s inside this pill
Need more than a controlled variable, if I’m a be well
Uncontrollably ill, going through withdrawals, pissed off
Starting to think I was never really sick at all

[Verse 3]
With this next prescription please give me something real
I just need a girl with glasses to ask me how I feel
Cuz if I’ve ever got results from this, they’ve been miniscule
They just give me drugs and ask what I’ve been through

So jot in your notebook, while you pick at my brain
When we play your little mind games, is the only time I’m sane
Until she tells me her thesis, and picks up the pieces
Then I’m no longer anemic and rid of my grievance

I beg for the real thing, I swear I can handle it
And your little side effects, I don’t mind a bit
Been alone for so long, I can stand a little trip
Since my first hit, changed my life ever since

I got hooked on this pill, I swear I didn’t mean to
Now I am addicted to this shit, something lethal
She said “it’s okay because I will never leave you”
You said it with such conviction, that I actually believed you
Track Name: Brothers of the Brush
[Verse 1]
We brothers of the brush, cut from the same cloth
Thinkin we came soft? Fucker knock it off
Shit is rockin huh? chug a bottle vodka to top it off
But once you’ve topped it off, it’s not enough

It’s not ro ck enough, not hip hop enough
Something must have got in us, cuz we’re off our rocker and stuff
Shit keeps poppin off, someone bout to get locked up
You can barely stand on your on two, got you propped up

Seen my dude hop up, we headed to the liquor store
We already had too much, best believe we bout to get some more
Shout out to those weedheads, hit your sycamores
White but we ain’t Macklemore going to vintage stores

We been pissed off, piss poor, what you play this for
A bunch of lames fallin over shit, we wouldn’t even trip for
Fuck it let’s enjoy the night and have a drink or two
You do you, and we gon’ stay coup, stay coup man

[Verse 2]
We brothers of the brush, shit we all kinfolk
Play some wu tang, can it all be so simple
Gimme a girl with dimples, I’ll sign and initial
Let’s make it official, stripes and a whistle

We still one arm short of a def leppard coverband
That don’t mean shit, I’m still the motherfucking man
Catch us doin shots of tequila and ain’t even chasin ‘em
Give me that bottle of Jameson and call escapism

This is the life, drinking whiskey and sprite
Spending money like, fuck it, I’m Diddy tonight
I’ll stage a coup d’état, for a cool massage
From a smooth ass broad, confused as a mirage

All my friends in grad school, all my bills are past due
Still an ass hole, irrational, like Dame Dash dude
I’m a keep spazzing dude, until this track is over
Even if it’s a Cole World, I run that shit like Hova
Track Name: Drunk, Crazy & Heavily Armed
Coup Kids are staging a coupdetat
Hit the stage, nothing but oohs and ahhs
Try to rule with force, what a foolish thought
Track’s stupid hard, I’m through with ya’ll

Get the name right, don’t pronounce the p
Hear the crowd scream, when they announce it’s me
Swimming pool of liquor, I’ll be drowning
Bottom of a bottle, I found the key

It’s astounding, hear the sound of these
Raps, aint nobody profound as me
Fuck ya little fun raps, put you in a dunce cap
Carry the team, why you think I got a hunch back

Little punk ass, heard you run back
Said some shit, you aint got a come back
Throw my fist through your pearly whites
Ali Frasier was a girly fight

I heard the coup kids on the come up
We on the mission to get these funds up
Got some hot shit, play it all summer
This some rock shit, minus the drummer

But still go hard, oh my god
Coup Kids stagin a coup detat
Got something to say to a few of ya’ll
Gotta keep playing our newest songs

All my life I wanted to be in a band
This shit’s all about freedom man
I just wanna break shit, cliché shit
Fucking wasted, every word I say is slick

I need a bad bitch, Im talking Emma Watson
Emma Stone, or even Emma Roberts
I be feelin brolic, defying logic
One too many Gin and tonics

Rap’s Hunter, S Thompson
I’m the fuckin best obnoxious
Motherfucker in the club
Sorry taylor, kanye shrug

Being polite is overrated
I’d much rather be overstated
Intoxicated, the moxie to play with
Boxing the god of David

Arms are too short, not from Oakland
Not a Newport, but I’ve been smoking
Rob a few forks, fuckin broke man
I’m the spokesman, of the hopeless

But still go hard, oh my god
Coup Kids stagin a coup detat
Got something to say to a few of ya’ll
Gotta keep playing our newest songs

We drunk, crazy and heavily armed
Track Name: The Stoop
I see her everyday, just sitting on that stoop
She raise three bad ass kids, with nothing to do
Her boyfriend’s a deadbeat, spending all her money
Only time she talks to him is when he wants something

She just sits on that stoop sucking on that cancer
Little does he know she got crazy plans ta
Blow up his scheme, and toss him in the deep end
He thinks he some kind of suburban kingpin

See one night cops came, raided the crib
He wasn’t there, just her and the kids
She made a deal with the po, that if she sells out
She won’t spend a single night in that jail house

But she had another plan too, flee to Cancun
When her place was ran through, she found a large sum
Of cash in a safe, that she kept hidden from
The police when they raided, and her man was so faded

He probably forgot it about and assumed he misplaced it
So every day she sits, on the stoop, complacent
Waiting for the day to blow the whistle on her man
Execute the plan and walk away traceless /

I see her every day, in the same position
She smirks while her dude talks some big shit
Like “I run this town and the whole county
The cops couldn’t do shit, even if the found me”

She sits on that stoop, waiting and counting
The days down, she can’t wait to make it out
Shit it’s so close, she can almost taste it now
She’ll give her kids to their dads, while this plays out

But truthfully speaking, she ain’t ever coming back for them
Yeah she loves them, and she kinda feels bad for em,
But it’s just a small sacrifice, so she won’t think twice
Of dipping to Mexico and re-starting her life

Never left this white trash town, until tonight
She dropped off her kids, smoked another cig
Slipped something in his drink, call the police
I drove by the apartment and she wasn’t at the stoop

A bunch of squad cars, he woke up to reds and blues
She took her dude’s truck, 50k in the trunk
Left behind everything she’s ever known and loved
Now all she drinks is Tequila and doesn’t give a fuck

And that’s it.
Track Name: Wake
[Verse 1]
I swear I had a dream I could buy my way to Heaven
Cept I ain’t got no cash, life goes much faster than expected
Shit’s been hectic, I been wreckless, dwelling on these second guesses
Nights I’m restless, I been stressing, fucking up my head and shit

And I ain’t been seeing any benefits, it’s getting harder to see a light
I sleeping all day cuz it’s fucking hard to sleep at night
I’m barely holding on, accounts is over drawn
Yeah it’s all my fault, I know I’m in the wrong

I know I don’t belong, city’s gonna eat me alive
On the verge of letting out everything that I keep inside
Everything I ain’t accomplish, gives me an inferiority complex
Constantly on edge, I’m nauseous, overly cautious

I’m only loud when I’m drunk, I can get obnoxious
But that liquor is the only thing I know that can stop this
Mix that with these prescriptions, it’s giving me blurred visions
I know it’s absurd to mention, I just want to submerge in this

I want ya to wake up, wake up
Wake up from your sleep
It feels like a bad dream
Spent too much time asleep
Wake up from your sleep

[Verse 2]
Everything you said did you really mean it?
Everyone I seen switch, got me feeling seasick
Guess I missed the boat and I’m just trying to stay afloat,
I still harbor resentments, but I’m trying to keep it at bay

Damn, that ship has sailed, so just keep it away
Still a couple of things, that fuck with me to this day
Just wasted a year of my life, stuck in this hell
Aint getting nothing done, just feeling sorry for myself

I couldn’t say no, I shouldn’t say yes
Say it isn’t so, don’t know what you’d expect
The days go slow, the months faster than you’d guess
Stuck in this hole, post traumatic stress

Like some un- dramatic test, life is a daydream
Everything they say to me, I can’t face these things
So I just stay asleep, wake me with this over with
I just feel so damn sick, fuck I don’t know where I’m going with this

[Verse 3]
I want you to wake me from this hell, living a nightmare
Depression doesn’t fight fair, when you’re down it’ll kick you right there
Anxiety attacks and night terrors, what’s the reason
I’m still feeling defeated and completely depleted

I know that every breakthrough is soon followed by a relapse
I don’t know what it takes to stop falling into these traps
It’s sur-real, but I’m trying to stay cerebral
My inner conflicts between my id and super ego

It’s clear, it’s the fear of looking in a mirror
And not liking what you’re becoming, what you’d give to be young again
Because I didn’t like the direction that my life was taking
So instead of waiting, I decided to make a change then
Track Name: Yellow Car
[Verse 1]
This is a rotten game we play, isn’t it
Different, those hard to form sentences
Don’t mention it, existentialist
Crises, wondering where this life leads

Calling girls wifey, at the first sight scene
Wonder what that might mean
A libra a pisces, go when the lights green
Cuz when that light beams, across the bay

I just want you to stay, I just want you say
All the correct words, adjective nouns and verbs
I know it sounds absurd, cuz it was all a blur
From the beginning, felt like something was missing

Still trying to recapture a factor that I left in the past
Still trying to play god with some façade just to get you back
I’ll miss you with that, something I still don’t have a hold on
Cuz now we’re not so young, it’s about time to go on

It was just a dream, it was just a dream, it was
It was just a dream, it was just a dream, because
When things seem too good to be true, they are
Pack your things, time to leave, and get in the car

[Verse 2]
We used to take trips in your yellow Honda Civic
When you have nothing, it becomes easier to risk it
So we’d get in that car, same color as lines we’d never cross
Never go left of center, that’s what we was taught

But when you left this place, you went with little warning
Never would’ve guessed, you would leave before me
With one less person to support me, I’m in need of some backing
When you chat me, fuck it, I’m happy, you happy

There’s no place you’d rather be, but where does that leave me
It’s only been a couple of months? Time can be deceiving
Not that I’m grieving, not at all, I’m proud of you
You took a huge risk, and it went and made a man out of you

So you’ve inspired what I’m about to do, without a clue
Hit the same roads we’d go, in your yellow car
Just go far, to a new start and never return
And everything was beautiful and nothing ever hurt
Track Name: So Far Away (ft. Chelsi Faine)
[Verse 1]
I can’t help but to think, that this was all mistake
Wake up with a headache, trying shake off last night’s drink
Trying to recollect, I guess I must have saw you in my dream
But it felt so real, you know the whole spiel

I was out with so and so, we were doin such and such
I miss you so damn much, even though I hate your fucking guts
Try and let it go, it’s over, but it feels like apart time
No silver linings, I’ve been blinded, kept lookin up to the sky

Having a hard time, and I know all the fault’s mine
Could’ve been the greatest of all time, never had the balls to try
My own biggest enemy, dwelling on some old memories
Just looking back feels so much better than what’s ahead of me

Eventually, I roll out of bed, still trying to find my feet
Something still bothering me, I’m hobbling
Like I’m taking my first steps, I’m a nervous wreck
I don’t know what to expect, no idea what’s coming next

Can someone hear me?
I know I am hard to see
Starting over completely
Now I’m so far away

[Verse 2]
I moved away, like I said I would
I’m capable of shit you’d never thought I would
Out on my own, and yeah the nights are kinda cold
But the numbness in my toes, is better than in my soul

Feeling 23, with the whole world in front of me
Time to be what I wanna be, but underneath
It still feels like a mistake, I wanna show you who I am now
I just can’t stand how, I’m still trying make you damn proud

I’ve tried to go without you, but something just stands out
I got a plan now, I think I finally understand now
I’m ready to be your man now, wanna show you how I’ve changed
I read a bunch of books and lost a little weight

I’m in another dimension, and everything is so different
I know you don’t care now, but all is forgiven
I faltered and descended, until I altered an ending
Where it’s just you and me, I think we should re-start from the beginning

[Verse 3]
She sits across from me at this diner, she looks beautiful
I can tell she’s sort of nervous from the way she picks at her cuticles
I ask her how she’s been and she says “you know, the usual”
It’s awkward for a moment, then I say “I want to be with you”

I think that caught her off guard cuz she spit out her coffee
Eventually we get to talking, and it feels like the old times
Until I tell her I want her back, cuz what we had, is hard to find
She says I don’t get it, she’s engaged to this other guy

So much for happy endings, what a plot twist
Some sort of inner conflict, between a realist and optimist
Feels like something’s caught in my esophagus, I cough a bit
I look around and realize you weren’t there, I was alone

In some bar, in some city, with some people I don’t know
Visited by your ghost, cuz I let my past haunt me,
The future is daunting, it’s hard to start over
But I step outside today, with all this weight off my shoulders
Track Name: Futility (Part 1)
[Verse 1]
I was well read
She was well traveled
So there in lies
The never ending battle

She saw mountains and plains
Traveled the terrains
She’d rather escape
Then stay in the same place

With the same man
Never had a plan
She just up and ran
Couldn’t understand

She saw everything
But wanted better things
Ran out of places to go
But didn’t have a home

[Verse 2]
I was well read
She was well traveled
So there in lies
The never ending battle

With my life in flux
Am I past the crux
Or absolutely fucked
Cuz I lost my crutch

If I stood too close
It would burn my skin
So I saw the world
Through a rose tint

Felt so unfulfilled
Time to take a risk
I fell, I fell I felt
Like I had finally lived

What she’d never face
She would run away
To a better place
And it wasn’t working

What I would trade
To just get away
To a better place
Damn it wasn’t working
Track Name: Take This Waltz (Part 2)
[Verse 1]
Can I take your hand
Hand me a drink
Drink it with your man
Man I used to be

Be someone new
Knew it all along
Along with a few
Few too many gone

Gone with the wind
Wind that’s always cold
Cold hearted since
Since you had to go

Go away from me
Me with my thoughts
Thought I could see
See me take this waltz

First I learn to crawl
And learned to walk
Wait your turn to talk
And I take this waltz (x4)

[Verse 2]
Every chance to leave
Chance I should’ve took
I saw it in my dreams
And read it book

There’s a gap in life
You can’t run or hide
I know a black cloud
Follows me around

And after being down
Something to believe in now
I can see it how
Both feet on the ground

So here’s to moving on
I know it took so long
What was meant to be
Will soon be gone
Track Name: Shower Room Control Panel
[Verse 1]
I heard there’s a light, that never goes out
Out of town, with my head, up in the clouds
Yeah I’ve been beat down, got my feet on ground
Made it out, please don’t fail me now

My whole life I been a jerk, driving me berserk
Not in control of my fate, instead I was coerced
I made some mistakes, but the only way to get it to work
Is to rebuild, after you take it apart first

We only call bitches bitches cuz we were once victims
Caught in some cynicism, hard to handle criticism
Damn, I thought I had it all figured out
Until the day I realized, that I had no clout

Then I had no doubt, it was time to start over
Cold war soldier, with a chip on his shoulder
Staying bitter was easier than letting you go
And I’m letting you know, I’m no longer comatose

Thought I overdosed on various tranquilizers
Finally stabilized I, made it out of Ohio (ohia)
They said if you tried to lift it, you’d probably break your back
That’s why this is the fist time I’ve tried to escape here, Jack

Flew the nest, hit the road
Figured 23 was the perfect time to go
Leaving behind everything that I’ve ever known
For the first time I feel I’m in control

Flew the nest, headed towards the sky
Even if I die, I’ll hold my up head high
Cuz damnit I tried, kiss you goodbye
You may never see me again cuz I’m leaving tonight

[Verse 2]
There’s still a light out there, I call it my home
Even though I’m Via Chicago and leavin my folks
Unresolved issues I leave in my scope
Times I failed and choked with my dreams and my hopes,

Traded stability for uncertainty, and certainly
Just getting started, far from curtains for me
All the former loves that went and deserted me
It hurt me deep, but stronger after surgery

I’ve been knocked down before, it’ll happen again
It’s what makes us men, a change in environment
Life sunk my plans, like Poseidon
Taking my chance, a change of assignments

Felt like something bigger, had a plan for me
Shrouded in misery, by a bigger man than me
But that’s history, something in here changed me
So I busted open that window and became free
Track Name: Somewhere Better (feat. Chelsi Faine)
[Verse 1]
I ain’t too good with goodbyes, so could I, just dip out like an Irish drunk
Excuse me from this bar, before my time is up
I see ‘em lining up, for some great gig in the sky
Just hope I have a ticket, as I smoke a cig in line

Cuz I’m just trying to experience everything that this life offers
So excuse my departure, my inevitable falters
You can read the best authors, and go to the box office
But greatest lessons are the ones that life taught us

I head to the city of wind, to a pay dividend
Cuz what’s the benefit, to living like you’re scrimmaging
Tainted images, changed businesses, erased kinship
Is what we go through everyday in this shit

I had to make a switch, cuz I didn’t feel a thing
No one likes the song that a caged bird sings
And I ain’t heard a thing, to keep me from worrying
But I seen the rest go, so now it’s my turn to leave

I wanna be somewhere better
I wanna feel something different
I wanna go somewhere better
Felt like something’s been missing

[Verse 2]
If you taught me anything, it’s leave before you are left
I take a hard breath, I cough phlegm
It’s hard to rest, I still got something caught it my chest
I talk to friends, god bless, we’re all stressed

Are we coming of age, or getting to the age?
To face the real world and put those dreams away
Tried to crawl out of the hole in some feeble way
I got my feelings hurt, and said some shit I ain’t mean to say

My whole life was un-Earthed then, I felt deserted
Felt like I didn’t deserve this, held back like perchant
They sliced the rope, I was gone in a cloud a smoke
A bound of hope, the only thing that I’m about to hold

A couple of hard bouts, a couple of long droughts
A couple of wrong turns, turned my life upside down
I ain’t about to stay stuck in this same spot
Because life goes on, whether you’re with it or not

[Verse 3]
If you taught me anything, it’s to leave while you’re still loved
That’s why all our heroes die or are killed young
After the effects from the pill’s gone, are we still strong
You’ve been forewarned, now here’s my swan song

After this song’s done, I’ll be long gone
Nostalgia has a tendency to reappropriate memories
I’ll forget some things, then you can be a friend to me
For now just let me be, let’s keep the ending sweet

Just getting started approaching a quarter century
Hope I’m getting smarter and I send my sympathies
To those girls who have fire in they eyes when someone mentions me
And to my friends who drink dark beers, have a drink on me

I won’t be forgetting you, anytime soon
I know that time moves, with the fury of a monsoon
We can age gracefully, or fight to stay young
When the day’s gone, I’ll always remember where I came from