Freedom Beers (Remix) (feat. D Payin)

by Goose

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This is a remix to a track I did on my last album, "When One Door Closes..." The song was originally produced by Ryan Stone. I decided I wanted to do a little remix of the track before I moved away from Ohio to Chicago. We had Copper Tony flip the same sample from the original "Freedom Beers" track and he added on a pretty awesome trumpet solo at the end.

I recorded this song my last night in Ohio, before I left for Chicago. D Payin (of Chicago) helped out and added a verse to the song.


[Verse 1 - Goose]
They said time flies, I didn’t wanna believe ‘em
But we getting older now, and its time we start leavin
I would say goodbye, but I don’t have the heart to
I know it’s fucking hard dude, but I gotta depart too

No matter how far apart you, are still a part of the crew
Trying to hide my emotions, try and stay stoic
You know me too well, so I aint need to show it
$8 champagne and you aint even know it

Something about nights in BG, makes it taste better
We the type of motherfuckers that’ll hold our liquor forever
Come on ya’ll, you know I was never good at beer pong
And we’re getting a little too old to hold that beer bong

Even though we’re here and gone, at times we’re veering wrong
We’ll always have each other’s back, that’s something we’re clear on
So here’s to our futures, let’s get our cheers on
And we’ll be up all night, well at least until the beer’s gone

Even if we don’t remember, we had the times of our lives
Man, fuck four years, I should’ve made it five
Get the blender, we got some beers, who’s got the Sprite?
Mix that shit together, let’s continue the night


released November 22, 2013
Produced by: Copper Tony
Featuring: D Payin
Trumpet: Copper Tony



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